Looking back at 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

I was thinking back over 2011 and realized how many great adventures I've had and little fun things I've done. I thought a mini snapshot by month would be a fun way to review 2011.


In January my roommate Leanne and I flew to San Diego to have a vacation and visit our old college roommate, Becky. Much fun and craziness was had by all.


In February I made my own butter which kicked off my obsession for complicated homemade recipes.


In March my family and I took a vacation to the Bahamas, where I fulfilled one of the goals on my bucket list - swimming with dolphins.


In April I moved out of my cute little apartment in Cedarburg, which was sad because I loved it, to move closer to work (yay no more 40 minute commute!!). This was a slow month. I think it also snowed way too much.


In May my little brother graduated from college! And ended up avoiding the cold midwest winters by landing a sweet job in San Francisco, the little bugger. On the other hand, it's another excuse for me to go visit California!


In June we took Kacey to Door County for the first time. Oddly, I don't remember much of it, but I know we had fun. I also moved into my new apartment with my current roommate, Leanne. Fun times have been had ever since.


In July I got engaged! Kacey proposed to me while on vacation in San Jose. (This is from our engagement shoot which I still have to share here)


In July Leanne and I made homemade pickles with my grandparents using their secret recipe.


In September I went on quite a few mini adventures, finished my Anthropologie duvet, and made my first homemade pie.  See what that butter did way back in February? Suddenly I thought I was Laura Ingalls Wilder and decided to be all pioneer-like. And it was delicious.


In October, Kacey and I took a road trip to Kansas City and surprised his mom and grandma with a weekend visit.  I also started doing the Modern American Girl series, which I'm really enjoying creating.


In November I finished my first DIY tutorial of my duvet cover. Hopefully the start of many more!


In December I spent my first Christmas with Kacey out in California where I went sporting clay shooting for the very first time. It was awesome and I hit 4 disks! Sure I shot about 40 times, but I'm thrilled I hit anything at all. More on this story in 2012!

So that was bits of 2011 in review, I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store. I already know that getting married, going to Hawaii for our honeymoon and finally getting an apartment with Kacey will bring adventures, and I can't wait to have the rest of them! Here's to you 2012!

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