Master bedroom update - floors and walls

Monday, June 29, 2015

We've finally been able to move back into the master bedroom! The flooring has been installed and the walls are painted. We have a ways to go before this room is finished, but at least we're not camping out in the guest bedroom surrounded by unpacked boxes anymore. The change has been like night and day for this room. What started out as a stuffy, cave like master bedroom now feels open and cool (as opposed to outside where it's 110 degrees, bleh). We still need to hang curtains since the sun shines right in that window at 5 am, as well as installing baseboards. But overall, I'm loving how this room is coming along! 

Take a look at what we started with when we moved in:

This room was absolutely filthy when we moved in. The 2 other bedrooms have carpeting and when we got those cleaned, the carpet cleaners took one look at the master and basically said "yeah, we're not even going to clean this, you need to rip it out". Which was fine by me! We decided to go with laminate flooring instead of wood since we have a large dog and the laminate should hold up better and not get scratched like wood floors. We'll see how this goes. We also had to clean all the walls as they were covered with dog hair and dust. 

Getting the floors installed was a process and a half. The flooring was backordered and then the company didn't order enough so it took a full 6 weeks before everything was completed.  We really weren't happy with the company we went with, but the floors do look amazing now that they're done. They look and feel pretty close to real wood. We still need to install the baseboards, but I'm just so happy to actually have my room and closet back. 

We also changed the walls from the dark green cavelike atmosphere to Benjamin Moore's White Dove to open up the room a bit. It's crazy what a little paint and new flooring can do for a room! I'm just proud that we actually did something with the master bedroom. In our last place, we hated how the room looked but never bothered to change anything about it. I'm discovering how nice it is to come home after work to a place where you feel really comfortable and happy. Next steps - decorating! 

Home before tour: our 1970s ranch

Friday, June 19, 2015

I realize that it's been a little bit since I posted. Let me catch you up a bit. Kace and I sold our house north of Phoenix and moved south into the city. He started a new job in south Scottsdale back in October and the commute was brutal. Eventually we had enough and realized we weren't quite ready for the suburbs. 

After some frantic scrambling and looking for houses after we sold ours, we ended up in a fantastic older Phoenix neighborhood in a 70s ranch. It had been updated in the early 2000s and while it needed a bit more care, it has a ton of potential to be the exact kind of house were were looking for. The house has a fairly open concept, which I really like. Our last house was very segmented, and I love how everything flows here. The previous owner was a single, middle aged man who's style was very different from ours, but we loved the bones of the house. I can't wait to start working on it!

Sorry for the quality of some of the photos. A lot of these were quickly snapped as we walked through the house to buy it and they're the only true "before" photos that we have since I started painting pretty much the instant we had the keys.

I loved the etched glass front door, but the bright red entryway and yellow living room were a bit much. This was the house when we saw it for the first time. 

The living room is long and skinny, which will make for some interesting furniture arranging. The yellow paint actually doesn't look that bad here, but the paint in the entire house was in such rough shape that it needed a new coat, and the room looks so much cleaner white. It also didn't really go with all the red and blue that was on the other walls.  

This picture was taken from the wall in the previous picture where the owner had the tv mounting. The living room opens up into the dining room behind it. The cut out wall on the right side of the photo is the kitchen. (I wish I had a good picture of what this looked like before we moved in. There was a giant pool table and a kegerator sitting there.) You can't really tell from these photos, but the walls are light blue. Again, the color wasn't bad but they were scuffed so bad that they needed to be painted. In these pictures, I had already painted the living room white, but hadn't gotten to the rest of the house. 

The dining area opens up into a sunroom and the kitchen. We lived half unpacked like this for much longer than I wanted due to delays in reflooring the master bedroom. Well, actually it still looks like this. Baby steps people, baby steps. 

The sunroom. Which is now a dumping ground for everything that we can't store in the bedrooms while the floors are being done, but that's another story for later. (A 6 week nightmare that I'm still living through and will show once I see the light at the end of the tunnel). 

The house has a galley kitchen, which isn't something I would have picked out for myself, but I'm absolutely loving it. Also, those windows open up to the patio outside and were a huge selling point of the house! Along with the built in wine refrigerator. (Not even that bad?) Not a selling point - that early 2000s faux track lighting fixture about the breakfast bar. I think I wanted my parents to put that exact light in our basement when we redid it back in high school. I do really like the bamboo shades though - those can stay. 

This is the master bedroom. It's really dark, the carpets were disgusting (I don't even want to know what all the brown spots were), and that fan is way too large for the room. This room has caused us more stress than anything else in the house. We pulled up the carpet and wanted to replace it with wood or laminate. A 2-3 week job has now turned into a 6 week headache due to the company we chose to buy the flooring from. That's for another post, but long story short, this room is why our house is still a disaster and I've forgotten what a dresser is because I haven't seen mine since we moved in back in April. 

Lastly we have the guest bathroom, which I sort of love. It's outdated and has this crazy mosaic countertop, but it's kind of retro and I have no problem with leaving it for now to work on other aspects of the house. I love that built in vanity! It's also huge for a guest bathroom, which is good because we've been using it while the master bedroom has been out of commission. 

There are also 2 guest bedrooms and the master bathroom, but those are all buried under mounds of furniture and boxes that we haven't been able to unpack yet due to the Great Bedroom Flooring Fiasco. Once those get cleaned up to a somewhat presentable state, I'll share those. But don't get too excited, they're just basic guest rooms with 4 walls and a window and closet :-)

eShakti Shirt Review

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When eShakti contacted me and asked if I wanted to review one of their items, I was thrilled! I've seen their reviews from other bloggers and the idea of complete customization is very appealing. If you've never heard of them, eShakti is an Indian company that offers vintage and retro inspired clothing with the ability for you to customize the neckline, sleeves, length, pockets, and embroidery or other details. They offer mostly cotton skirts, dress, and tops that are completely made to order. You have the option to select a size or you can put in your own measurements and have the garment tailored completely to your specifications - which is what I did. 

The customization process was actually really simple. They have guides for all the measurements so if you're not an avid sewer who is familiar with using a tape measure to take your own measurement you'll know what they're asking for. Once you have the basic measurements in, you can select if you want sleeves, change the neckline, and decide on the length of the shirt (or dress if you would choose one). 

I decided to go with a button down shirt since those are always really hard for me to find. I'm short but have a long torso and some curves so I usually end up with the dreaded chest gap between the buttons. Not a good look. 

It took about 2 weeks once I placed the order to receive my shirt. Since the shirt is coming from India and is custom that seemed like an acceptable amount of time to wait. And the fit? No chest gap! Whoo! I was a little nervous about the fit since I've never actually had anything custom fit before, but it fit like a glove. The only thing that wasn't perfect was that it was a little long, but I think that was my own fault since there were 3 length options to choose from. 

Overall, I was really pleased with the shirt and would order from them again. If you'd like to check them out, they're offering a 10% discount for Neroli Blossoms readers, enter "neroliblossoms" in the promotional code box. Offer is good until 10/22/14.  And you can check them out on facebook, Pinterest, and twitter for updates for their current special offers. 

I received the above shirt in exchange for an honest review of the product. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  

A Little DIY Duvet Love

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here's something fun - my DIY Anthropologie inspired duvet tutorial is on Mashable along with other adorable Anthro crafts. Check out their 15 Clever DIY Anthropologie Hacks for Your Home!

Guide to Door County, WI - Egg Harbor

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Full disclosure here - I've spend the least amount of my time in Door County in Egg Harbor, we're normally north in Sister Bay or Ephraim. So if anyone has any favorite places here, I'd love to hear!


1. Shipwrecked Microbrewery & Restaurant - Fun casual restaurant and bar. Short walk to the beach, right downtown, and they have a great selection of their own beers.

2. Trio - Craving pasta? Trio has great Italian and French dishes. We don't get down to Egg Harbor that much, but I always try to stop here when we do.

3. The Bistro Bar & Grille - Another great casual place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has a fun patio to sit outside and enjoy both the food and the weather.


1. Egg Harbor Beach and Marina - The great thing about Door County is that most of the towns are beach towns. Egg Harbor has a great beach for swimming and a fun marina to explore.

2. Wine Tasting
a) Harbor Ridge Winery and the Wisconsin Cheese Masters Shop - This is another one of my favorite stops in Door County because the wine shop and the cheese shop share the same parking lot. How much better can it get? Start at the Harbor Ridge Winery for some free wine tasting (their oaky Cab is amazing!) and the walk a few steps over to the Wisconsin Cheese Masters and take a cheese journey (No really, that's what the sign says) when you sample some of their many cheeses. So much goodness.
b) Door Peninsula Winery/Door County Distillery - The Door Peninsula Winery/Distillery has a special place in my heart. We used to come here when we were younger to taste the fudge and olive oil (while my parents tasted the wine) and in the last few years it opened a distillery in another part of the old schoolhouse building. They produce small batch gin, whiskey, vodka, and now brandy. This is my favorite gin ever. EVER.
c) Simon Creek Vineyard - This vineyard is inland a bit, but if you're in Egg Harbor it's not too far of a drive. Another winery that I'd recommend visiting.

3. Antiquing - Egg Harbor is near some great antique stores. Some of my favorites are Old Orchard Antique Mall which feels like it's miles long and full of fun and Bay Trading Company which has an entire room full of architectural discards such as shutters, mantels, doors and other goodness. If I had a house in Wisconsin I'm pretty sure half of the decor would come from that shop.

4. Kurtz Corral - If you want to ride horses through the countryside, this is the place to go. They're open all year, but summer and fall are my favorite times to explore the fields on horseback.

5. Various locations - cherry picking - Door County is known for their cherries. If you're up there while they're in season (late July to early August) definitely go cherry picking! There are numerous orchards and locations, so just find one that's close to you.
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