Master bedroom update - floors and walls

Monday, June 29, 2015

We've finally been able to move back into the master bedroom! The flooring has been installed and the walls are painted. We have a ways to go before this room is finished, but at least we're not camping out in the guest bedroom surrounded by unpacked boxes anymore. The change has been like night and day for this room. What started out as a stuffy, cave like master bedroom now feels open and cool (as opposed to outside where it's 110 degrees). We still need to hang curtains since the sun shines right in that window at 5 am, as well as installing baseboards. But overall, I'm loving how this room is coming along! 

Take a look at what we started with when we moved in:

This room was absolutely filthy when we moved in. The 2 other bedrooms have carpeting and when we got those cleaned, the carpet cleaners took one look at the master and basically said "yeah, we're not even going to clean this, you need to rip it out". Which was fine by me! We decided to go with laminate flooring instead of wood since we have a large dog and the laminate should hold up better and not get scratched like wood floors. We also had to clean all the walls as they were covered with dog hair and dust. 

Getting the floors installed was a process and a half. We really weren't happy with the customer service of company we went with, but the floors look amazing now that they're done and the quality is great. They look and feel pretty close to real wood. We still need to install the baseboards, but I'm just so happy to actually have my room and closet back! 

We also changed the walls from the dark green cavelike atmosphere to Benjamin Moore's White Dove to open up the room a bit. It's crazy what a little paint and new flooring can do for a room! I'm just proud that we actually did something with the master bedroom. In our last place, we hated how the room looked but never bothered to change anything about it. I'm discovering how nice it is to come home after work to a place where you feel really comfortable and happy. Next steps - decorating! 


  1. I love your floor, though the process sounds like suuuuuuuuuuuch a pain! Ah!

  2. I am partial to carpeting in the bedroom, but your floors look really good!

    What happened to the wooden headboard you made for your old house? Or is that for the guest bedroom?


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