Merry (Belated) Christmas

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I guess I sort of fell off the face of the bogging earth for a while there. I certainly wasn't intending on taking a long break, but it was worth it! Christmas was fantastic, full of family, friends, food (so. much. food.), and wonderful times. My birthday was fairly uneventful except for the huge snowstorm that stranded us inside our home and knocked out the power for a few hours. But we survived and had a lovely Christmas. I'll freak out about being 27 and officially in my "late" twenties some other post. In the meantime, here are a few festive outfit photos from Las Vegas that I've been meaning to post. Merry belated Christmas everyone, hope you all had a lovely time! 

shirt & pants: Forever 21, shoes: Also, bag: Coach, necklace: Bloomindales, watch: Michael Kors

Viva Las Vegas

Monday, December 10, 2012

So remember that one time two weeks ago when I said we were going to Vegas for Thanksgiving and then never mentioned it again? Well, it was pretty awesome and fun. 

We stayed with Kacey's relatives most of the time and had much fun, cheese, good wine, and an amazing Thanksgiving dinner while catching up with them. We also stayed on the strip for a night at the Venetian, which had the nicest bathroom I've ever seen in my life (see above, isn't it crazy?) We got together with some friends who we haven't seen in a while, saw a show, ate good food, and walked around to take in as much as we could. Neither of us are big gamblers, but we played a tiny bit and lost of course. Although I'm pretty sure we made up for any money lost with all the free drinks we had!

On Thanksgiving we started the morning with brunch and then drove around the red rock area of western Las Vegas with Kacey's family to see the gorgeous dessert mountain landscape. I know most people think it looks barren and dead, but I think it's beautiful. So Vegas, you're pretty cool in my book, but don't take any more of my money, ok?

Under $25 Gift Guide: The Geek

Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't know your Star Trek from your Star Wars but have a friend/boyfriend/coworker who's obsessed? As a huge geek myself, I can assure you that these gifts are right up a fan's alley.

Perfect for: any geek, but find out which fandom they're part of first! (I've labeled the fandoms for those who aren't sure what any of this means.) 

1. Geek Wisdom Book (Barnes and Noble, $11.15)
2. Easy as Pie Pizza Cutter (Modcloth, $19.99)
3. Bazinga T-Shirt (, $18.99)  - Big Bang Theory
4. Han Solo Ice Cube Tray (, $9.99)  - Star Wars
5. 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (, $19.99)  - Dr. Who
6. Enterprise Bottle Opener (, $19.99)  - Star Trek
7. Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee (, $14.99)  - Star Wars

Under $25 Gift Guide: The General Gift Exchange

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Odds are you probably have some sort of gift exchange going on this year. From friends to acquaintances or coworkers here are some gift ideas beyond the usual box of treats or bottle of wine. 

Perfect for: any stocking suffer gift exchange. 

1.  Valise Journal (Anthropologie, $24.00)
2. Storm of Sparkles Ring Holder (Modcloth, $11.99)
3. Capri Blue Cracked Ice Candle (Anthropologie, $18.00)
4. Take Out Menu Organizer (Modcloth, $21.99)
5. Chevron Sunglasses Case (Ruche, $14.99)
6. Minter Vase (Zara Home $16.90)

Under $25 Gift Guide: The Men

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What do you get the guy who has everything? Or even worse, the guy who says he doesn't want anything (even though you know he doesn't mean it). 

Perfect for: your new boyfriend, the funny uncle, your nephew who you could swear was only 8 yesterday but is suddenly 17. 

1. The Zombie Survival Guide (Modcloth, $13.99)
2. Omega Shaving Set (Urban Outfitters, $24.00)
3.  Leather Anchor Key Ring (Urban Outfitters $18.00)
4. Bacon Floss (Urban Outfitters, $6.00)
5.  What Happened? Bandages (Urban Outfitters. $7.00)
6. Whiskey Stones (, $19.99)

Under $25 Gift Guide: The Pet Enthusiast

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Animal lovers are usually pretty easy to shop for - you can always get them something for their pet. But if you want to step up your game a bit, see below for some fun ideas!

Perfect for: your best friend who you've known since you were seven and love dearly but who's a little over attached to her cat, that coworker whose name you drew for the secret santa exchange and all you know about him is that he owns a dog.

1.  I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats (Modcloth, $12.99)
2. All You Need Box Sign (Barnes and Nobel, ($5.95)
3. Feel-ine Thirsty Cups (Modcloth, $14.99)
4. Doggie Diner Pet Bowl (Ruche, $14.99)
5. Klaus & Yves Shaker Set (Modcloth, $6.99)
6. Bulldog Bottle Stopper (Pottery Barn, $16.50)

Under $25 Gift Guides: The Smarty Pants

Monday, December 3, 2012

Every year there are tons of gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. But what about those hard to shop for people? Or the stocking stuffers that you're forced to buy for a coworker you don't really know? Fear not! Over the next week we'll be giving you stocking stuffer guides for some of the more difficult people on your list - and all gifts are under $25! Perfect for that office white elephant exchange or for your friends and family.

Perfect for: Your friend who always has her nose in a book, your cousin in grad school, your coworker whose vocabulary makes you feel like a 5 year old.

1. How to Become an Intellectual (Modcloth, $14.99)
2. Words to Make You Sound Smart Calendar (Urban Outfitters, $14.95)
3. Bombay Tie Journal (Barnes and Nobel, $16.95)
4. Abiding Time Perpetual Calendar (Modcloth, $24.99)
5. French Quill Feather and Ink Set (Barnes and Nobel, $16.95)
6. Invisible Floating Bookshelf (Barnes and Nobel, $12.95)
7. More Badder Grammer (Modcloth, $9.99)

Advent Inspiration - Week 1

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I wanted to kick off December with a little festive cheer.
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