Under $25 Gift Guide: The General Gift Exchange

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Odds are you probably have some sort of gift exchange going on this year. From friends to acquaintances or coworkers here are some gift ideas beyond the usual box of treats or bottle of wine. 

Perfect for: any stocking suffer gift exchange. 

1.  Valise Journal (Anthropologie, $24.00)
2. Storm of Sparkles Ring Holder (Modcloth, $11.99)
3. Capri Blue Cracked Ice Candle (Anthropologie, $18.00)
4. Take Out Menu Organizer (Modcloth, $21.99)
5. Chevron Sunglasses Case (Ruche, $14.99)
6. Minter Vase (Zara Home $16.90)

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