Girl's Best Friend

Friday, October 18, 2013

Let me introduce Sitka, the newest member of our little family! We adopted this little (or big!) girl two weeks ago and have absolutely fallen in love. She's a 3 year old rescue who is the sweetest girl I've ever met. She was beaten, abandoned, and starved when they found her (which make me so freaking angry that a person or people mistreated this wonderful girl) and came to us incredibly timid and unsure of herself. All she wanted to do was please people, but she didn't quite know how. It took her a few days to even look at us. Her ears were always down and she slinked around as if she had just gotten in trouble.

After a week and a half she's started to come out of her shell. She's still a little unsure and shy, but she's starting to show her personality. She dances when we get up in the morning. She tosses her head like a horse when she's happy. She loves belly rubs. If she could do backflips I'm pretty sure she would bust those out at mealtimes. I've never even heard her bark because she's so chill. Every time one of us talks her tail starts wagging. She sits by our feet while we watch TV and just likes being in the same room as us. I was a bit unsure about owning g a dog. They're a lot of work, don't get me wrong, but my heart is just growing because of this sweetie's love and devotion to us. I think she and I are kindred spirits. I can't wait until she's truly comfortable in her forever home and we really get to see her personality. So expect to see her a bit more on here - if she'll stay still long enough for me to capture her!

Review: Shutterfly Canvas Prints

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I was so excited when Shutterfly contacted me about reviewing one of their new products. I've used them in the past for Christmas cards and our wedding guest book and have always been pleased with the results.

After our wedding I wanted to take some of our photos and have them turned into a canvas print as a different way to display them. I was not disappointed with Shutterfly's options! They have tons of cute layouts, including a great selection of wedding themed styles that include different wording and typographical elements. I decided to go the more traditional route and get a plain photo gallery wrap canvas.

They had several sizes and framing options. This one was a 10x14 with no frame since I like the wrapped canvas look. The whole ordering process was super easy and the shipping time was pretty quick.

I absolutely love the look of the canvas! In fact, I went back and bought 2 more so I can create a little gallery in my bathroom above the tub. But until I finish the master bath redo, this little beauty will be propped up on my nightstand.

Disclaimer: I received the above product for free in exchange for my honest opinion about their product/services. 

Living Room Inspiration

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{1, 2, 3, 4}

Now that I'm almost done with the bathroom redo (pictures to come soon, as soon as I finish!) I'm turning my thoughts toward the living room. I'm glad I started painting a small room, because these vaulted ceilings have made things interesting. I've also never painted anything without the help of my painting guru mom. Mistakes were definitely made and lessons were learned. But that will make the living room redo much easier and (hopefully!) smoother. Right? RIGHT?!

We're finally getting a new big girl/boy couch with some of our leftover wedding money and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! This is the first piece of nice furniture that I've ever bought. Any furniture pieces we own that are even halfway nice are hand me downs, and the rest is cheap Ikea/Target  stuff from the college and immediate post college years. The one exception to that is the awesome coffee and side table that my uncle and cousin custom made for us as a wedding gift.  So my first adult home purchase (ok well second, but the fridge just wasn't as fun to pick out) is sort of a huge deal.

We know we want a gray couch, and we're planning on painting the walls from the current builder's tan to a nice creamy beige or greige. Maybe even lighter. I'm loving the pops of color and the rustic elements with the gray couches in these photos.  Also, can we talk about the forest view out the window in the first photo? How amazing would that be to see out of your living room?
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