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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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Now that I'm almost done with the bathroom redo (pictures to come soon, as soon as I finish!) I'm turning my thoughts toward the living room. I'm glad I started painting a small room, because these vaulted ceilings have made things interesting. I've also never painted anything without the help of my painting guru mom. Mistakes were definitely made and lessons were learned. But that will make the living room redo much easier and (hopefully!) smoother. Right? RIGHT?!

We're finally getting a new big girl/boy couch with some of our leftover wedding money and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! This is the first piece of nice furniture that I've ever bought. Any furniture pieces we own that are even halfway nice are hand me downs, and the rest is cheap Ikea/Target  stuff from the college and immediate post college years. The one exception to that is the awesome coffee and side table that my uncle and cousin custom made for us as a wedding gift.  So my first adult home purchase (ok well second, but the fridge just wasn't as fun to pick out) is sort of a huge deal.

We know we want a gray couch, and we're planning on painting the walls from the current builder's tan to a nice creamy beige or greige. Maybe even lighter. I'm loving the pops of color and the rustic elements with the gray couches in these photos.  Also, can we talk about the forest view out the window in the first photo? How amazing would that be to see out of your living room?

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