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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When eShakti contacted me and asked if I wanted to review one of their items, I was thrilled! I've seen their reviews from other bloggers and the idea of complete customization is very appealing. If you've never heard of them, eShakti is an Indian company that offers vintage and retro inspired clothing with the ability for you to customize the neckline, sleeves, length, pockets, and embroidery or other details. They offer mostly cotton skirts, dress, and tops that are completely made to order. You have the option to select a size or you can put in your own measurements and have the garment tailored completely to your specifications - which is what I did. 

The customization process was actually really simple. They have guides for all the measurements so if you're not an avid sewer who is familiar with using a tape measure to take your own measurement you'll know what they're asking for. Once you have the basic measurements in, you can select if you want sleeves, change the neckline, and decide on the length of the shirt (or dress if you would choose one). 

I decided to go with a button down shirt since those are always really hard for me to find. I'm short but have a long torso and some curves so I usually end up with the dreaded chest gap between the buttons. Not a good look. 

It took about 2 weeks once I placed the order to receive my shirt. Since the shirt is coming from India and is custom that seemed like an acceptable amount of time to wait. And the fit? No chest gap! Whoo! I was a little nervous about the fit since I've never actually had anything custom fit before, but it fit like a glove. The only thing that wasn't perfect was that it was a little long, but I think that was my own fault since there were 3 length options to choose from. 

Overall, I was really pleased with the shirt and would order from them again. If you'd like to check them out, they're offering a 10% discount for Neroli Blossoms readers, enter "neroliblossoms" in the promotional code box. Offer is good until 10/22/14.  And you can check them out on facebook, Pinterest, and twitter for updates for their current special offers. 

I received the above shirt in exchange for an honest review of the product. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  

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  1. Oh the button gap. I have this continuous cycle I go through of "You know, I should buy some button downs for work, I don't really have any" and then I buy them and they annoy me to no end and I'm like "I'm never buying these again!". It happens at least once a year. Maybe I'll just get a good custom made one then :)


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