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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet Felicity - Modern American Girl Outfit

First, let me say that I grew up absolutely obsessed with American Girl dolls. One Christmas I even dressed up in a girl size version of Felicity's Christmas dress (with a matching blue faux fur headband, it was awesome, let me tell you) and it was the best Christmas ever. I credit those books and dolls for my love of both history and fashion and I have a secret dream to work there someday designing beautiful doll dresses based on historically accurate clothing. Nerd alert over here!

One day when I was randomly reminiscing about that particular Christmas outfit I started thinking about how you could interpret their looks to fit in today. Could you keep the essence of their outfits but still have it trendy and look cute in today's world? I started playing around on Polyvore, and a new feature for my blog was born!

I'll be doing outfits for the original 6 dolls that were around when I was a kid - Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, and Molly. Technically you could argue that Josefina wasn't an original doll since she was added quite a bit later, but I had way too many fun ideas for her so she's staying. I figure I'll follow the books and timelines of the dolls, starting with Meet Felicity and going through Changes for Molly. I aged the outfits up a bit - there's no way I'd put a 9 year old in some of the looks - but I think that makes it a bit more challenging/fun. I'll post these every Thursday as a new feature. I'm super excited, I had a blast making these! I hope you enjoy them as well!


  1. I loooved American Girl dolls too! When I was a fan, I was probably too old to be a fan already, but Josefina was not around yet. My favorite was Molly, so I can't wait until you do her modernized outfit. And don't worry, I also dressed up like Molly and had tea parties with the neighbor girls who dressed up like Felicity, Samantha, and another Molly.

  2. Thanks!! I had such a blast making these. I'm through Felicity and Josefina, and half of Kirsten so I can't wait to post all of them!

    And dressing up as American Girl dolls was awesome. I wish I could still pull it off...

  3. THis is an amazing idea! Felicity was always my favorite. Love this!

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  5. Even though I never had any American Girl dolls (I had the Magic Attic Club dolls!), I read a lot of the books. I always enjoyed them. Molly is my favorite. Can't wait to see what you do for her!


  6. Have to say Samantha was my favorite because she was prettiest... but I also realized she was too glamorous for me. So I usually went for Molly. She had the right level of nerdiness for me (I mean, she did wear glasses) and she was during WWII. Yep, history nerd kicked in early. I was SO jealous of her Victory Garden...and rationing for that matter. Rationing is the coolest! Um wait...


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