Snapshot of the Weekend

Monday, October 24, 2011

I had one whirlwind of a weekend. On Friday Kacey and I drove to Kansas City, MO to surprise his grandma who lives there and his mom who was visiting.

It was a looong drive but totally worth it to have his sister sneak us in the back and completely surprise both his mom and grandma!

Saturday we drove around Kansas City and went shopping at the Plaza. I think I was in a fog most of the day from lack of sleep, but I had a blast despite being a walking zombie. 
Goofing off outside of the art museum. Not pictured: the creepiest beheaded zombie statues ever. I don't get art sometimes. 

Lunch at the Plaza, delicious! 

Sign in Maggie Moos' Ice Cream shop

Saturday night we there was a festival along the river called Firewater. As you can see, the whole river was lit up with bonfires, live music was playing along with various entertainment. It was pretty cool.

You're ok in my book, Kansas City. I'm sorry I never visited you sooner.

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