This is why we can't have nice things

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shirt: H&M, skirt: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls, sandals: Asos, bacelets: Forever 21 and Aerie

Back to Hawaii for this post! I love this shirt so much that I decided to feature it again and dress it up a bit. Funny story about this night in Maui. We went to a fancy pants restaurant for happy hour and tried to pretend we were classy but just ended up making fools of ourselves. Unfortunately for us, we ended up having to leave our table and move to the bar (after already eating the bread and drinking the water in the glasses), spilling drinks all over the place, and generally mortifying ourselves in front of the staff who were laughing at us. Luckily, once we were at the bar we chatted with the bartenders and witnessed a customer throw a hissy fit because his table wasn't sufficiently in the shade. By the end of the night we congratulated ourselves on being completely forgotten by the staff as they gossiped about this other guy, and decided never to return lest they realize what frauds we were. Instead we walked down to the beach and saw our first real Maui sunset, which made things a whole lot better!

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  1. I like how your skirt matches the plant behind you. Did you plan that?


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