Monday Miscellany and the Luck of the Irish

Monday, March 19, 2012

The main question is, why did I not make these for St. Patrick's Day? Next year my my friends, next year.

I'm back from my little posting break. This weekend was relaxing, fantastic, and just what I needed. St. Patrick's Day was pretty low key which was unexpected but ended up being perfect. Neither of us are very Irish (I'm not at all, and I think Kacey only has a tiny bit of Irish blood in him) but I happen to really like Irish dance, art, and folk music so I'm all about getting in on the fun. Kacey and I did our pre-marriage counseling Saturday morning, then had a a great Irish lunch of corned beef and cabbage plus a little Jameson and Guinness at a little pub I just discovered in my town (I've only been here for what, 9 months? sheesh) and then headed back to Kacey's to bottle his beer (did I mention he started home brewing? I don't drink beer but I still think it's pretty cool). Later that night we met up with some friends for a night out which oddly did not include going to any Irish bars. In fact we ended up at a German themed pub. I don't even know.

Sunday was really fun because Kacey and I went apartment hunting for our first apartment together! We had a few really good showings and we put in applications for 2 places so fingers crossed that one of them works out! The one we love is a 2 story townhouse with a half finished basement and it sounds like the landlord will pretty much let you do whatever to the place. I really hope we get it, and I think we'll find out this week.

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  1. Hey there, Sarah Anne...thought you might like to know that Kacey's paternal great-grandma was half Irish, half French and married his full-blooded Italian great-grandpa. On my side there's quite a bit of Welsh and Irish ancestry mixed in with some French and German. There might be a bit of Irish jig in him! ;)
    We're praying for good news from your future landlord! Love...Vickie


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