Modern American Girl - Kirsten's Surprise

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kirsten's Surprise

This was my favorite Kirsten story and actually one of my favorites out of all the American Girl books. It had all sorts of cool stuff in it - adventure, a blizzard, camping out in a cave, planning secret surprises for your parents, and most importantly she got to wear a wreath with lit candles on her head!!!!! This was the epitome of awesome for me as a kid and I spend the next few years parading around the house with our Advent wreath on my head trying to convince my mom to light the candles. Strangely, she never went for that idea.  I also loved the idea of St. Lucia Day and bringing coffee and sweet rolls to everyone to start the morning. In fact, though I don't have a drop of Swedish blood in me, I want to do this if I ever have a daughter. Though I'm not sure I'd let her have lit candles on her head either....

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