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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Kirsten

I don't really remember much about this book. What stands out are brief scenes of all the women sitting around sewing a gigantic quilt while the men built a barn at their barn raising. Also that this was a very special day because her hair wasn't in  braids, it was down.  I think there was a big barn dance at the end, and there were kitties involved. But really, what book or Polyvore set couldn't be improved with the addition of kittens?

But let's talk about this outfit, Kirsten. You've sort of got this hippie meets hipster look going on with the flower wreath and the pink dress matched with the red boots. Bold choice. We're going to pretend you had a gig modeling for the pioneer version of Free People's catalog and give you some Doc Martens paired with a cute little floral dress. You can keep the wreath (what was with this girl and hair wreaths?) since once again you had 8 year old me wishing that I could wear a crown of flowers on my head. Also, kitties.

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Also, I had a guest post about my Cirrus Duvet DIY over on Effortless Anthopologie. Check it out!

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