Try the Trend - Leather Skirt

Friday, February 17, 2012

chambray shirt: Banana Republic, tank top: H&M, skirt: Forever 21
tights: Target, booties: DSW, necklace: Bloomingdales, watch: Michael Kors

That last picture is my "It's 16 freaking degrees outside, why am I doing this?!" look. I think it's pretty awesome and is definitely going to catch on, you just wait. It's a bit 'I don't want to be here' with a little 'hurry up and take the picture!!!' on the side.

Anyway, I bought this skirt last fall because I wanted to try the leather trend, but wasn't sure if I could pull off an actual leather skirt. I feel like this is a good compromise. I like to tone it down a bit with a casual shirt because let's be honest, I'm not exactly miss hardcore rebel over here. I wore this to brunch last Sunday and it was part of the Winter Remix Challenge.

Also, Kacey snapped this picture of us getting ready for his birthday brunch and I think it's adorable so I'm sharing it! Happy birthday, Love! 


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