Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the honor of participating in What I Wore's Winter Remix Challenge styling my favorite chambray shirt 2 different ways. I wanted to post the picture on my own blog as well. Look for details on the outfits later this week! There were so many great submissions and I loved finding new blogs to read. Thanks for hosting this Jessica! 

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is full of chocolate. If not, well that's ok - it all goes on sale tomorrow! 


  1. Hi there! I found you through What I Wore's remix challenge. I love how you remixed this chambray top! Both looks are incredibly different, which is great!

    I intend to go chocolate shopping tomorrow before work... I've been eating out of a coworker's candy bucket for a year now, and owe her some chocolate. On-sale V Day candy is the best way for me to get a bunch for cheap! :)

  2. Hi Emily, nice to have you here! Thanks for the compliment, I really liked your blazer remix too! And I know what you mean, tomorrow is one of my favorite days, purely for the cheap candy.


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