Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sydney over at The Daybook started Awkward and Awesome Thursday a long time ago, and I've loved reading her silly posts. I thought I'd do a mini post of my own to recap Valentine's Day. First, the awesome.

- These cookies. Valentines for geeks and I scored mega points with the future hubby. In case you want to get in on this action, Williams-Sonoma sells 3 different Star Wars cookie cutter sets as well as pancake molds. Even if you don't want them, check them out and look at how the cookies on the box are frosted so perfectly. Then laugh hysterically and dip them in chocolate because there's no way you could ever decorate a cookie that nicely. 
- Most of the Valentine's Day dinner I made Kacey. See the Awkward section for the rest of it.
- My first attempt at broiling turned out pretty well. Will be attempting this more often! 
- Future hubby showing up with champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries to nicely round out the meal!
- Bacon wrapped asparagus. Bacon wrapped anything, really. Mmmmm, bacon.

- The "super easy" 4 ingredient mousse that I was trying to make for dessert was a disaster. It. Would. Not. Thicken. No matter what I did, or how long I mixed it for, the stupid thing resolutely remained a liquid and I ended up having to dump it down the drain. Sad times. 
- Um did you know that broiling steaks would create so much smoke? Because I sure didn't!
- Stupid blurry low lighting pictures from my iphone of said delicious dinner because I can't take a decent iphone pic to save my life.
- Dear downstairs neighbors, turning on your bathroom fan does not block out sound from my apartment. I can hear you. And it's uncomfortable. Turn on some music or something. I'm betting that if I can hear you, so can your children who are in your living room. I hope I never have to have a conversation with you because I'm just going to be snickering the whole time. Because yes, I am that immature. Also, 2:30 in the morning?! Don't you have to work tomorrow? Because I do and I'd prefer my sleep not to be interrupted by overhearing your um, party times. Thanks.

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