Modern American Girl - Kirsten Learns a Lesson

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kirsten Learns a Lesson

I took a few liberties with this look. First, I think that if Kirsten was walking to school today she would definitely be wearing jeans. Second, I like plaid flannel, and she's wearing a plaid shawl. Sure people don't really wear shawls anymore, but they do wear plaid flannel shirts! I suppose I could have put her in red pants to go back to the red dress, but I already did that with Felicity and I'm all about giving each American Girl their own fashionista personality. After all, Kirsten is a pioneer and would definitely wear jeans to school.

 I won't get into the whole English vs. Swedish thing that was in this book, since I mentioned it last time. But this was the book where it threw my whole childhood into disarray because I just didn't understand why couldn't she speak English even though I was reading it in English! It was right there on the page!!! Anyway I grew up, moved on, and made this Polyvore set, so it all turned out ok.

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