Modern American Girl - Meet Kirsten

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Kirsten

But Sarah, it's not Thursday! Why is there a Modern American Girl post today? I know, I know, but I'm posting this a day early. I had planned to write about this amazing Valentines Day dinner I was making Kacey, complete with pictures of all its glory, but it ended up being a disaster and a half so this is being posted instead. I felt like the dinner deserved it's own Awkward and Awesome Thursday post. So instead you get Kirsten.

I don't know how I felt about Kirsten as a little girl. I mean I liked her braids and I thought it was pretty cool that she went off exploring by herself and had secret Indian friends and all, but the books just didn't sit right with me. I think this mostly came from the fact that they were supposed to be speaking Swedish, having literally just arrived off the boat, but the whole book was written in English. This especially bugged me in the second book where Kirsten is all "oh school's so hard because they only speak English there" except we wouldn't know that because this entire book is in English and my 8 year old mind was like, "uh aren't you speaking that all the time?"  Eventually I got over this injustice to 8 year old readers everywhere and was able to enjoy the books. Although I have to say, having her best friend Martha die right in the first book was some heavy stuff back then. But on a lighter note I did always like that blue trunk and wanted my own life size version.


  1. I always loved Kirsten... That's a great dress too!

  2. Love! Kirsten was always my favorite because I loved pioneer times. I started getting the catalogues when there were only three: Kirsten, Samantha and Molly. I'm sad they've retired these dolls!

  3. Thanks!

    And Jessica - I know, it's so sad they've retired almost all the original dolls. I started getting their catalogs right after they added Felicity. It's just not the same anymore so this helps me be nostalgic for the good old days :-)

  4. I've been collecting AG for all 21 years of my life, and I've never seen anything like this! You are incredibly creative!


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