Antioxidant Power Smoothie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Technically this should be a Wedding Wednesday post, but honestly I'm burnt out on wedding stuff. So instead here's a super easy recipe for a delicious smoothie full of antioxidants to keep you healthy in the winter. Only three ingredients! Ready, go! 

One cup of POM pomegranate juice. Yup, the stuff old people drink. 

One cup of frozen fruit. I used whatever was in my freezer which happened to be blueberries and blackberries. Add a few ice cubes and blend. (Not pictured, make sure you put the cover on first. This is a very dark and staining drink) 

Pour into glass and drink delicious smoothie, soaking in those antioxidants and feeling their super powers. 

Note: smoothie will not give actual super powers such as flying, invisibility, or telepathy. This only involves fruit super powers, giving you the ability of being fruitful...fruity? On second thought, never mind, no super powers are transferable to you, only the power of being awesome for making it. 

1 comment:

  1. Would those super powers include making us "old" people who drink POM more youthful? ;) Love smoothies!


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