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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Peoples of the internet, I have been WRONGED.

Living in Wisconsin means you have to deal with snow, that's life. To make things a little easier for us, my apartment complex offers a snow plowing service after major snowfalls. They plow the main lot and the spaces if your car isn't there. If it is, well obviously they don't plow your car.

The past few times it's snowed, I've gotten into my car at the beginning of the day, spent all day at work, and came home to find the lot had been plowed except for 1 spot on the far left by the tree line. Because I'm usually getting back around 5:30 or 6, everyone is there before me. And every single time, someone else was parked in my spot, leaving me to park in the one unplowed, messy one. Let me point out that my apartment complex isn't big. There are 4 units and about 5 of us living here at a time. There are 5 cars in the lot. Because I like to look for the good in people, I always assumed that maybe someone had a visitor, or people had to move cars around, or some such event happened that would coincidentally leave me the one unplowed spot. Oh how wrong I was.

Today, due to the impending BLIZZARDOMGSNOWMAGEDDONOFDOOM that is supposedly coming and was due to hit oh 2 hours ago we were sent home from work early. So when I pulled into the lot, imagine my surprise when there was only one car in the entire lot. PARKED IN MY SPOT. With the unplowed spot next to it.  People, this was a crime of intent! This person was too lazy to move their car when the plow came, and instead of paying the consequences and having to walk in the snowy spot (the way I did when I was too lazy to move my car, because -silly me- I thought it would be unfair to make others park there when it was my fault it wasn't plowed) they decided move their car one spot over to the nice plowed spot. MY SPOT.

So now they can just walk on up to the building without getting their feet dirty knowing that I'll have to sink into the snow in my work clothes because they didn't want to move their car. But now I have proof that they are stealing it! Oh the ideas of revenge...I'll write them a nasty note. I'll park in their spot after mine isn't plowed! I'll egg their car!

I suppose the next step is probably to first determine which one of my evil, treacherous neighbors is doing this to me. I bet is was the lady across the hall who always says hi. I bet she thinks if she's super nice, I'll never suspect her. But I do! It was her! It....oh, she just pulled in and parked. Ok lady, you're in the clear for now. I know, it was the people below me! They probably think I'm too loud so this is how they get back at me. Except that they aren't home. And they always take in my trash can from the curb, so I really hope it's not them. But aha! By process of elimination that leave the little old lady downstairs! .......Oh..... Crap.

I can't egg an old lady's car. I can't tell her not to park in a nice plowed spot. What if she slipped and fell? She's like 70. I guess that leaves me parking in an unplowed spot. But at least I know. The mystery has been solved. I'm like Nancy Drew! Or the Babysitters Club! Better invest in some better boots...

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  1. Bahahahahahahaha. I still think it's the lady from across the hall. Don't lower your suspicions so quickly!


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