Valentine's Week

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a little late to recap Valentine's Day, but I've been celebrating things all week so I'll just lump them all together here. (Because this post is basically a chance for me to try out the Hipstamatic and 8mm aps I just downloaded for my iphone haha!)

Monday/Valentine's Day was very fun, Kacey had flowers sent to my work and then we went out to dinner at The Pasta Tree, an incredibly tasty Italian restaurant. There, I took many photos with my hipstamatic ap, and discovered that it does not make food look very appetizing. Monday was really nice, especially as this was the first Valentine's Day Kacey and I were able to spend together.

Yes, that is a giant piece of broccoli. The food was amazing, even if these pictures aren't.

Tuesday was Kacey's birthday which we kept pretty low key. We made dinner together and did more goofing around with that hipstamatic photo ap.

Yesterday I went to see one of my cousins who plays in a bluegrass band. She and the band were playing at a local bar right down the road from my apartment. If there's one thing I love about Wisconsin and missed when I was living elsewhere, it's the local street corner sports bars and pubs. There's just something about the dimly lit, super laid back, slightly grimy (at some places), sports bar-esque  venues that make them great places to relax with your friends. This particular establishment has every single inch of wall space covered in posters and beer signs. It's fantastic.

I'm not sure if this will work since it's my first time posting a video, but here's a short clip of my cousin's band (filmed with the 8mm video camera ap). This was my first time recording a video on my phone, so I apologize for the times when it goes slightly Blair Witch.

Please note the Green Bay Packer flags. Only you, Wisconsin (please never change). Also, the man who plays the washboard and spoons was hilarious! He kept jumping around and trying to get people from the audience to join him up in front. He even offered to let people play the wooden spoons but no one took him up on it.

All this, along with a budget theater showing of Harry Potter, has kept me quite busy this week! I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend to relax and get some sleep!

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  1. Yay Wisconsin! And yay for you and Kacey getting to be together!

    The budget theater here is showing HP7 too, so yes, I dragged Seth along to see it with me again last week.

    P.S. Now I'm "following" you too...but I have no idea if I set it up right...I'm the creepy one with no picture.


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