Creme and Crepes

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I went out to eat with my parents this weekend at one of our favorite local places. It's an old mill built in the 1800s that has been converted into independent and antique shops, a winery, and one of my favorite lunch stops:

They have the best cream of broccoli soup I've ever had - and I don't even like cream of broccoli soup! But I get it every time and it's delicious. Paired with some hot cherry cider, it was a perfect way to combat cold winter weather we're having. 

But the real reason I love this little restaurant so much?



  1. OMG. I luuuuuurve their ice cream crepes. We need to go there next time I'm home. That, and the soap place...and not buy anything.

    P.S. You and Kacey need to come visit sometime this spring.

  2. I was totally thinking of you the whole time I was there. Such fun times at the mill, and that general store where we used to get the cheap candy. Yes, a visit to the soap place to not buy anything is definitely in order!

  3. I love that place! I usually get the broccoli and Swiss cheese entree crepe. So good! My favorite are actually the plain ones with just cinnamon sugar. Yum, now I wanna go.


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