Weekend Recap - We Ate A Lot

Monday, August 27, 2012

This weekend was exactly what I needed after a crazy long work week. Well, except for the part where I locked myself out of the apartment for 2 hours. We caught up with friends, looked at our newly arrived wedding photos, grilled much food (seriously, so much food), and started writing thank you notes from our wedding. 

Our photographer sent our pictures in the cutest packaging! 

We kicked off the weekend with bacon wrapped steaks, oregano green beans, and chimichurri on the grill. Everything was amazing but think I put too much garlic in the chimichurri - we were breathing it all weekend.  

Then on Saturday one of Kacey's friends came over and the guys proceeded to make beer can chicken on the grill. This was also amazing. Recipe will be coming soon! 

This is a sneak peak of the stemware rack that Kacey and I made. I'll be doing a DIY tutorial on it, but first a story. All I wanted was to go outside and glue the top of the shelf to the bottom rack part. I had gotten home early from work on Friday so I grabbed my camera, the glue, and the wood pieces and stepped outside to our porch. It was warm out so I closed the door behind me to keep the cool air conditioned air inside - simple enough, right? As it swung shut I suddenly realized that I hadn't unlocked it after I got home and frantically grabbed at the knob and threw my weight against the door...just as it clicked shut and locked. 

So fantastic, I was now trapped outside with nothing but 2 pieces of wood, glue, and a camera, wearing a pajama tank top, jeans, and no shoes (thankfully I had had the presence of mind to change out of my pajama shorts and into jeans before I went outside). I had no cell phone, no keys, and not even a bobby pin in my hair to attempt to pick the lock. I went over to my car desperately hoping I had forgotten to lock it, but to no avail. I tried the house windows, but since we're so paranoid about people breaking in, everything was locked down securely (however, I can now sleep better at night knowing that people aren't getting into our house, that's for sure). We had discovered a few weeks ago when Kacey did the same thing that our landlord doesn't have keys to our place, and neither of our neighbors were answering their doors. I was stuck. All that was left was to sit and wait, praying that Kacey would come directly home after work and not stop somewhere. So I glued those 2 pieces of wood together, attempted to occupy myself with my camera and sat there for over an hour while I waited for Kacey. Thankfully he did come right home after work and let me back into the house. And that was my Friday evening. 

On a happier note, we got photo thank you cards printed! I love how they turned out, but now we actually have to write them...

And finally, attempting to be a little healthier to balance all the manly grilled meat. This went perfectly with old movies and blended peach daiquiris. How was your weekend? 

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  1. Food + photos = a successful weekend! And your thank you cards/photos are so pretty!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)


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