Modern American Girl - Happy Birthday Molly

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Molly

Ok, cute dresses, chocolate cake, birthday crowns, British friends, and puppies. This is the best birthday ever!

In this book, Molly's birthday is coming up and she wants her dream party (which is basically chocolate cake and princess dresses because she's 10 and that's exactly what I wanted when I was that age) but suddenly all her plans are thrown into disarray when an English girls comes to stay with them and wants terrible things like tea and weirdo British food for the birthday party.  So here's where Molly and I differ, because personally I think that would be AWESOME. But maybe I'm biased considering I regard England as my second home. Still, Molly - you crazy. Also, I miss York.

Also also - no matter what decade you're in, birthday crown are a must!

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