Modern American Girl - Molly's Surprise

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Molly's Surprise

It seems strange to be talking about Christmas in August, but this was another Molly book that I loved. There was intrigue and hiding presents! And snow! And a Christmas morning broadcast from her dad who was in the military overseas! Even when I was younger I thought it would be so cool to be sitting there opening presents on Christmas morning and then holy cats! Your dad is on the radio! That's like being famous back then.  And another big deal for 8 year old me - THEY GOT TO HOLD REAL CANDLES IN CHURCH!  At that point in my life I had never experienced a candlelight service, so they fact that they just apparently handed out fire at Molly's church made me really jealous.

In other news, it was really difficult to find a green velvet dress that wasn't a renaissance costume. Which is awesome, just not what I was going for. So black velvet it is. With black tights and Mary Janes, because I don't know who Molly thinks she's fooling - she's from the midwest and it's December. There's no way she's actually running around bare legged.


  1. You, my beautiful, smart and interesting daughter-in-law, crack me up! Love your commentary on Molly's bare legs in winter-time! Can totally see you wearing this outfit...a perfect update of what modern-day, grown up Molly might wear! I think I may have to pull Sara's old American Girl books off the shelves and start reading, thanks to your posts! Keep up the good work...xoxo

  2. totally need a velvet dress for christmas this year ;)

    1. Agree! Velvet is definitely on my radar this Christmas. Although I haven't completely decided between velvet or sequins...


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