Modern American Girl - Molly Learns A Lesson

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Molly Learns A Lesson

You know those random facts or quotes you read in books when you were younger that you still remember? This book has one of those for me. To this day, without even thinking about it, I can tell you that eight multiplied by seven is fifty six because Molly got it wrong.  I used to desperately hope that some day in grade school math class the teacher would have a quiz and ask what 8 x 7 was, and I would instantly yell out "56!" blowing everyone away and making them think I was an undiscovered math prodigy.  Alas, that didn't happen.

I promise I'll stop using plaid for Molly. I ended up using it last time because I couldn't find any good argyle that I liked. But I think it's different enough here. I also really like that dress.


  1. Sarah, don't worry, I think you're an undiscovered math prodigy.

    And I love that dress! I would totally wear it teaching.

  2. OMG I used to be obsessed with American girl dolls!


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