Wedding Wednesday - Honeymoon Packing

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have to stay, one of the things I'm most looking forward to about my wedding is Hawaii! Ok, so technically that's the honeymoon, but I'm in desperate need of a vacation and I can't wait to sit on a beach under a palm tree and have a daiquiri. Or three. I've never been to Hawaii before, so I've been putting some serious thought into what to pack:

Cute sandals. I love these with the pops of color, but they're all sold out online :-(

 Colored shorts. I like these from Urban Outfitters for a fun take on chinos.

Sunglasses (of course). I love the classic Ray Ban wayfarers.

 Fun colored swim suits. Brightly patterned ones are also acceptable.

 A fun maxi dress/cover up. I think these stripes are adorable, though I've also had my eye on tribal prints.

Has anyone been to Hawaii before and have tips on what to pack? I hear it's pretty casual and swim suits and flip flops are pretty much a uniform. Can't say there's anything wrong with that!


  1. Lots of sunscreen :/ I brought a sweatshirt and jeans because I thought it was a little chilly i the evenings, but Sam thought I was nuts.

  2. Don't worry about clothes; you won't need any. It's your honeymoon after all!

  3. Really good post for wedding honeymoon and nice one for all. Thanks for your shairng


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