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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today was one of those days where I just stared at my computer screen, willing this post to burst into existence. Alas, the force is not strong in this one because I'm still sitting here wondering what to write about. I figure if I just keep typing, the white space on the screen won't seem so intimidating. Hey, that's how half my college papers started, and I repeatedly rocked those!

Lately my life has been consumed by wedding planning - and not the fun kind. It's been checking in on vendors and making tedious decisions. But I guess that's what happens when you hit the 4 week mark. Four weeks! I can't believe it and yet I can't wait. Kacey and I got the keys to our new town house yesterday, but I completely forgot to take any pictures. In all fairness, we were way too busy running around from room to room like little kids and yelling to each other from across the house. We have 2 (small) bedrooms! We have stairs! Two sets in fact, because we have a basement! And a kitchen with tons of windows and light! Not to mention counter space! I can't wait to start cooking in it and take all sorts of pretty pictures for the blog. My kitchen now is so tiny and tucked away into the back of the apartment that it sucks all the fun out of cooking.

We also scoped out our new neighborhood and there are so many great spots to take outfit shots! I'm hoping to start doing more fashion/outfit posts since I'll actually have a photographer now. I'm getting really excited for this summer, it's going to be great!

Well now, what do you know? Random typing did result in a semi-cohesive post.

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