Modern American Girl - Addy Saves the Day

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Addy Saves the Day

Just call her Addy Walker, American crime fighting hero!

I really only have two things to say about this look/book. 1. Addy gets to fight crime and help save the world! Or at lease her church fair. She not only saves the day by chasing after the bad guy (or girl in this case) who stole their money, but she also is reunited with her brother in this book, meaning only her sister Esther and her aunt and uncle are still missing.   2. This outfit was based almost exactly on an outfit Cassie wore one time, which I obsessed about for weeks. Her shoes had little cherries on them, but I couldn't find ones that looked right. Still, Addy's looking pretty fabulous here with her straw hat and whistle accessories. Not that you'd be doing much running in these shoes - book Addy was much more sensible and wore flats. That's ok though, I still like the red pumps!


  1. oh man! I love that dress!!

  2. Can I just say how much I love these posts? Because I do. I also love that hat. I have one very similar except it has a chin strap, which comes in handy on windy days or boat rides on the lake at the cabin.

  3. I've really enjoyed these posts of yours! The shoes are my favourite in this roundup!


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