Modern American Girl - Meet Samantha

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet Samantha

So now we're on to Samantha. She was the very first doll I had, and I loved her story. She was an orphan who lived with her super rich grandmother (who she called Rosemary for some reason) and was trying to be raised as a lady but she just wanted to have fun. My kind of girl. I was originally going to have her as a super rich New York upper east ender, ala Gossip Girl, but then I realized that I've only ever seen like 2 episodes of Gossip Girl so that was going to be difficult. But then I decided I was going to base her on Kate Middleton, because Rosemary was very strict and old fashioned and that kind of reminded me of the Queen (I guess? Somehow?). And everything just fell into place after that. So Sam is going to be refined and proper for the moment, but we may get a little rebellious later on. Also, do you know how hard it is to find a plaid dress like the one she's wearing that doesn't look ridiculous? So I just avoided the plaid completely. We'll have plenty of that with Molly - I've already decided to make her a hipster.


  1. Ah! This is fabulous! J'dore the hat (very J-Lo, no?), and you can basically never go wrong with a sleek pencil skirt. Also, I love the detail of the heart locket (reminds me of accessorizing Samantha at your parents' house as little girls!).

    Sarah, you are so talented. American Girl should really hire you to design a line of clothing inspired after their historical doll attire. It's the least they could do for stealing our ideas.

  2. If American Girl called me up and was like "Sarah, you should really research the historical time periods we're writing about and design the doll's clothes" I would freak out. And yeah, they owe us for both our Eskimo and Native American doll ideas. Still waiting on that check. And the igloo.


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