Weekend Revelries

Monday, September 26, 2011

Treasures from the antique mall

First apple cider of the season

Checking out the capital building 

Cute apple display at the farmer's market

Sneaking a picture at the symphony

Normally my weekends are pretty low key and used to recoup from the week or spend some time relaxing, but I had a particularly successful and great weekend the past few days. Friday night after work my roommate and I headed to Waukesha to hit up their giant antique stores and to attend one of the last Friday Night Live events of the season. Every Friday in summer the downtown streets shut down, stores stay open late, and musicians set up on every corner to play free mini concerts. It's a blast and I like to pretend I'm in Gilmore Girls because it definitely has that feel to it! However, the highlight of the night was hitting the jackpot when it came to finding vintage blue mason jars for cheaper than I've been able to find them anywhere else! I also picked up a complete set of Sherlock Holmes stories and Leanne came away with a fantastic pink depression glass tray for only $9 which was actually worth about $45. Total score there!

Saturday we drove out to Madison to visit the giant farmers market that surrounds the entire capital building and to go wedding dress shopping. We picked up all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies from the market and I had a lot of success with dresses! I really want to share pictures, but I can't in case a certain Mr. sees them. I had been starting to panic because I'm past the 9 month mark for the wedding and the only dress that was remotely what I wanted was way out of my price range. So I'm very happy to have some great options now! 

After the farmers market we headed back home, but my night wasn't over since Kacey surprised me with tickets to the symphony! Neither of us had ever been to a symphony before and we weren't sure what to expect or how bored we would be, but it ended up being really fun. They preformed Beethoven's Fifth symphony so it helped that we were familiar with the music. We got all dressed up and looked pretty snazzy, so of course I forgot to take a picture of it. 

Sunday wasn't quite as exciting and involved mostly cleaning and organizing around the apartment but had a great end with wine and a super cheesy movie. Because sometimes you just need wine to get through bad movies. A lot of wine. 


  1. You don't want to know.

    Ok fine, it was The Last Song. The movie with Miley Cyrus. All that wine didn't make it any better.

  2. Oh goodness, Sarah, that is pretty bad. All the wine in the world could not make Miley Cyrus appealing.


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