Wedding Wednesday - Rustic Tea Party

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm going to switch gears for a minute and talk about bridal shower inspiration. My cousin is getting married this November and my mom and aunts are hosting a tea themed shower for her. Normally when I think 'tea' I immediately start thinking Alice in Wonderland! Marie Antoinette! Girly ruffly glittery extravaganza! Which is great, except that my cousin is totally an outdoors, camping, rock climbing, vacation in India, hike a mountain, fiddle playing type of person and I think she might recoil in horror if we did a girly tea. So I found (not that I have any say in planning this, but it's all for fun right?) some fun inspiration for a more rustic fall tea party. I'm especially in love with the top 3 photos from an Autumn Dessert Party over at Celebrations at Home blog. I want to go to that party, it looks absolutely lovely! Maybe my aunts will let me decorate a table or two and I can use some of these ideas!

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