Living Room Redo: Before

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back in June when we bought our house I had all these grand ideas of redecorating to make the place feel a little more us. We finished stage 1 of the bathroom pretty quickly and I turned my sights on the living room, which was a vast brown, dark, piece of ugly. This took more than a quick weekend to fix, and it's still not quite complete. But it looks so vastly different now that I wanted to share some before photos so you can appreciate what a coat of paint can do.

See exhibit A - ugly builder's brown walls. As I've mentioned before, our ENTIRE HOUSE was painted this color, with the exception of the tiny laundry room and the insides of the closets which are white. We only have 2 tiny windows in the living room and a sliding glass door, neither which let in a lot of light. We had to turn on the lights during the day just to try to brighten the room. (Don't let these photos fool you, I had to digitally blow out the lighting to even get a decent picture.)

Anyway, this room was dark and had lots of ugly going on. Yucky walls, beige hand me down furniture, a gallery wall that was spaced too far apart, no window treatments, and sheets over the couches to protect them from the dog. I wasn't in love with the seating arrangement either, but that's really the only place we can put the tv.

So this is how we lived for 5-6 months. The room itself isn't bad, it just desperately needed a make over and any attempt at cohesive decorating instead of just throwing all the stuff we've collected since college on the walls. (However you can see Alastor Moosey above the door, which is possibly my favorite purchase that I've ever made.)

Stay tuned for the after/in progress photos!

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