Wedding Wednesday - DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Many aspects of our wedding were DIY, but one of my favorite projects was our table numbers. We wanted a vintage, slightly rustic look for our tables but we didn't want to lose the element of class and elegance. We are both avid readers, so I loved the idea of using vintage books as a part of the table numbers. 

DIY Vintage Book Table Numbers:
Hardcover books - 1 per table
Rustic looking fabric such as burlap or a rough linen
Large stamp with whatever design fits the look & ink
Painter's Tape
Unfinished wooden numbers (mine were 4"tall and 1/2" thick bought from sjawood on ebay)
Spray paint (I used metallic silver)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks 

Start with a hard cover book, at least an inch or two thick. Cut the fabric to fit around the front and back of the book with an inch excess (like you did with book covers back in elementary school). Secure the fabric on the insides of the book - we used painter's tape to save the inside covers.

We then used a large stamp which we bought at Michaels, covered in a black ink. The fabric took the ink differently on each book, which gave a fun eclectic look. 

After stamping the books, we added a pink ribbon as a bookmark, and used twine to wrap the book shut.

I bought the wood from sjawood on ebay. They offer many styles and sizes of unfinished wood numbers, these were 4" tall wooden MDF numbers in the Arial font. I then spray painted the numbers silver. 

Once the numbers were dry, I hot glued them directly to the books. For double digit numbers I first glued the two pieces together before adhering them to the book. Let the hot glue fully dry before attempting to move the books anywhere, lest the numbers fall over. 

And that's it! Simple table numbers for a rustic, vintage feel. We mixed the rustic feel of burlap squares and blue vintage ball jars with silver mercury glass and strings of beads for that hint of elegance. Mixed white and blush flowers completed our look and I think pulled it all together quite nicely! 

***The first and final photo are from our photographer, Kelly Sweet. All other photos were taken by me (some on my older iphone, so I apologize for the difference in photo quality). 

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