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Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm starting my new job today! I was recently hired as a Merchandise Specialist for a rather large company, and today is my first day! I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited to be back in the fashion industry. In celebration of today I thought I'd post something from my old Live Journal. This was a post I wrote back in January of 2008 about my very first internship. It's funny to see how I've grown since then and all the things I've accomplished, and over 2 and a half years later I still find the post hilarious.

For some reason I thought it would be entertaining to keep a log of my time interning today. And it was.

6:30 am: Grumble and reluctantly get up for work. Curse myself for going to bed at 1 am last night.

6:40 am: Call friend/fellow intern and tell her to get her butt out of bed.

7:10 am: Get dressed in new, pretty rose pink sweater. Debate adding black choker. Decide to go with the choker.

7:30 am: Call friend/fellow intern again, only to find out she fell back asleep and wasn't going to come in. Am sad because that means I will be very bored today.

7:32 am: Leave for work

7:50 am: Park 5 blocks away from work in order to have free parking. Congratulate myself for being smart and bringing walking shoes.

7:55 am: Call friend from high school to tell him I'm actually awake before 9 am.

7:58 am: Walk into building. Flash ID to bypass security. Feel very important.

7:59 am: Change into fun, black patent leather stilettos for work. Admire outfit in door reflection.

8:00 am: Enter office

8:05 am: Start typing invitations into County Exec's planner. Admire sweater in window as I walk to the printer.

8:10 am: Walk to printer again. Admire decision to put snazzy black flower pin on sweater.

8:13 am: Walk to printer again. Second guess decision to wear black choker.

8:15 am: Decide to stop admiring myself in reflection because it is vain and makes me seem shallow.

9:00 am: Start uploading press releases to their website.

9:05 am: Am lonely without friend/fellow intern

9:19 am: Accidentally type "plague" instead of "plaque". Spend 5 minutes laughing to myself about it. Spend next 5 minutes wondering if the County Exec really would have a ceremony about a tree plague.

9:31 am: Am hungry. Nutrigrain bar not enough to eat this morning. Boo.

10:00 am: Had to man reception desk while regular receptionist went to the bathroom. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Realized that I have no freaking clue what I am doing at this job.

10:05 am: Receptionist came back. I didn't screw anything up. Am relieved. No one called while she was gone. They must know I'm there waiting....

10:15 am: Fixed uploading problem that was making it take forever to upload press releases. Am awesome.

10:29 am: Back at reception desk. Answered phone correctly. Am even more awesome.

10:56 am: Still uploading those ridiculous press releases. They hadn't been uploaded since October. Am bored. And hungry.

11:15 am: Still uploading. On January now. Need caffeine.

11:25 am: Walk down the hall to go to the bathroom. Love the sound my heels make on the hard floor. Feel very important for I have an ID card and am wearing heels.

11:30 am: Clock out of work and leave building.

11:32 am: Begin long walk in the cold back to my car.

11:33 am: Kid passes me on a bike. Think about knocking kid off bike and riding it back to my car. Decide stealing a bike in front of the Courthouse is probably not a good idea.

11:36 am: Still walking. Hope my car hasn't been broken into . Driving back with an open window would suck.

11:41 am: Car parked 2 down from mine has passenger side window smashed and radio torn out. Feel bad for person. Feel happy it wasn't my car. Feel slightly disturbed that I had just been thinking about this exact thing. Perhaps should be tested for psychic abilities...

11:42 am: Drive unbroken into car back to my apartment, shove half of a sandwich in my mouth, and run to class.

And that was my morning as an intern.

Oh to be young and in school again. 

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