Wedding Series Part 3 - Fun Gifts

Friday, June 18, 2010

If you're like me you spend probably more time than you should worrying about what to get the bride and groom. The safest bet is something on their registry, but sometime it's pretty picked over by the time the wedding comes around or maybe you want your gift to be a little more personal. Here are a few suggestions I've come up with for fun wedding gifts that most likely won't be on the registry:

Change of address cards: A lot of couples are moving into new apartments or homes and these are a great way for them to share their new address. There are tons of great cards like this on Etsy so it's easy to find some that fit the couple's personality.

Fun dish towels: Why have boring dish towels when there are so many fun ones available? These newlywed towels are from Anthropologie and come in a pack of 3, but in case the guy isn't cool with cutesy towels in his kitchen there are all sorts of fun, brightly colored (and more masculine) towels on Anthro's website.

A couple's cookbook: If the couple is in to cooking, these recipe books are great for coming up with dinner ideas for 2 people. If you type "couple's cookbooks" into Amazon, you'll get a list of different books. I've never tried any of them, but pick one you think matches the couple - no use getting a meat lovers cookbook if they're both vegetarians!

Staying with the kitchen theme, fun salt and pepper shakers: These shakers are from Anthropologie, but you can find fun, bright, or quirky ones all over.

Last of all, gift cards or money: I know it's not very fun for you, but no couple is ever going to complain about receiving money as a gift. As any newly married couple will tell you, unexpected costs come up, and it helps to have a little extra for a cushion. I like getting the couple a gift card from a store near them such as Target where I know they will be going for little things that eat up petty cash. Much better to have a gift card to spend!

Unless something else comes up, this is the last of my Wedding Series. I hope you enjoyed it and happy wedding season!

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