Wild Wild West

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About two weekend the hubs and I visited Cave Creek, one of my favorite towns in the Phoenix area. We went for their "Western Days" weekend, so our trip was full of cowboys, horses, and awesomeness. We went to the flea market, various antique shops (where Kace scored both a Stetson and some cowboy boots for $50 due to his crazy bargaining skills), and some outdoor patios for dinner and drinks. Places like this remind me just how much I love the southwest and how stoked I am to live here. Also, can we talk about these desert sunsets? Because they are freaking amazing. 


  1. Sarah, don't lie. The real reason you moved out west was so that you could bust out our awesome red and white tap dance costume again.

  2. So true. I bet it still fits and everything. Maybe a little short, but that's it.


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