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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samantha's Surprise

We missed a few weeks of these due to all the wedding madness, but now we're back with another one of my favorite books. I still have dreams of celebrating a Victorian Christmas and doing the stuff mentioned in this book. Building a gingerbread house? Making cool presents for people? Decorating the house with hand made decorations and the tree with real candles? I think there was sleigh riding and caroling involved? Sign me up! I also liked how Sam was all "Ew, I hate Cornelia because she's ruining my Christmas" and then Cornelia turns out to be pretty awesome and buys her the doll that she was secretly hoping for.

This outfit set is a bit simpler than other ones, but I like the details on the dress and think it holds its own well enough. We're also going with some deco inspired jewelry even though technically that wasn't around for another 15-20 years. Eh, on the other hand, this is today and we can mix eras if we like.


  1. congrats on becoming a MRS!! cant wait to see the wedding pictures :)

    i always loved this samantha story, i remember wanting her dress, some things never change!

    1. Agree, I always loooved her clothes!

      And thank you! I can't wait to post pictures from the wedding here.

  2. Wow, now that is a stand-out red dress! I love everything about this outfit. And I'm always looking for stunning vintage jewelry like those earrings at antique stores.


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