Wedding Wednesday - Mixing Styles

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's talk about mixing decorating styles. Kacey and I got the townhouse we applied for! We don't currently live together, I know it's pretty rare these days but what can I say - we're old school. I absolutely can't wait to move out of an apartment (and away from my stupid downstairs neighbors) and into our new place, but we have a slight problem. See my decorating style is like this:

And Kacey's style is this:

So, uh what do we do? I don't fancy living in a log cabin (unless it was an actual cabin up north in the woods, but our town house is in the middle of a suburb) and Kacey doesn't want to live in a world of pastels. So for those of you who live with husbands/boyfriends/fiances how do you balance masculine and feminine decorating styles? I don't mind having rustic bones of a room, as long as all the cushions/blankets/textiles are pretty and fluffy and cozy. I've been looking at Scandinavian interiors, I feel like they have a nice minimalistic masculine vibe with some quirky and feminine touches without being overly girly. Any advice on how to make sure we don't end up in either a bachelor pad or a pretty pretty princess palace? 


  1. You could have rustic wood furniture and accessorize it with pretty pastels and sparkly things...

  2. Oh wow! These pictures are stunning! I love the idea of mixing styles, I agree with Becky, rustic wood mixed with sparkling bright things can look fantastic!

  3. I like your thinking. I'm all about the sparkly and bright things :-)


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