Modern American Girl - Meet Addy

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Addy

Wow, we are halfway through the American Girls already! Addy was a bit difficult for me at first, largely because I'm a little white suburban girl so it wasn't really working to project my style onto her like I had with the other dolls. So instead I'm using a muse for her style. I'm going to base a bit of her look off my old employer and mentor Cassie, who is a bridal designer in LA and who hired me at my first internship in the fashion industry when I lived out there. She had this fantastic vintage meets modern style that was still a bit fitted and sexy.

Honestly, Cassie probably wouldn't be rocking a bright blue headband with this outfit, but Addy has the blue band on her hat so I guess we have to do what the book shows. And I couldn't find a decent puka shell necklace (which was one of my favorite parts of Addy's outfit) so I went with earrings instead. (I also loved that Addy had pierced ears. This was so cool to little 9 year old me.)

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