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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfully I'm feeling much better! I was a complete lazy bum last week and didn't have the energy to do anything after work, and really didn't do much this weekend either. But the rest was needed and now I'm ready to go again. A few random things from my weekend:

The Tardis was chilling out in Half Price books. Also, I finally bought Jen Lancaster's new book, Wish You Were Here, which was hysterical.

I seem to have a thing right now for gold jewelry, particularly vintage inspired pieces. I'd like to find a pretty tray to hold everything.

Flannel sheets. I finally bought some and I can't wait to snuggle into bed and bask in their warmth. Bring it on winter, me and my amazingly warm sheets are ready for you! 

And speaking of, I really really am trying not to, but a growing part of me is ready for Christmas time. It started with an Andes mint, which I usually only eat around Christmas, and little things like that have kept popping up making me wish November was over so I can start fully celebrating the holidays and not keep telling myself it's too early. I will not start listening to Christmas music yet, I will not start listening to Christmas music yet,  I will not start listening to Christmas music yet!

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