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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's been quiet around here because I'm still fighting that dratted cold. I was feeling much better this past weekend so I thought 'hey, instead of staying at home and going to sleep early to fully recover from my sickness, it would be a great idea to go out Saturday night for Halloween instead and only get 4 hours of sleep!' No, brain, that was not a good idea. And even though you had a good time, instead of feeling better, you relapsed into coldy-snotty sickness. Ew. So I haven't really been doing much besides working and sitting at home because I haven't had the energy. I did go see The Three Musketeers with my roommate. It was terrible. Slightly entertaining because it had lots of explosions and sword fighting and men in boots and leather pants, but even that couldn't take away from how bad this movie was. It was so promising in the beginning, I hoped it would go in sort of a Robin Hood: Men in Tights direction, but no, the movie started taking itself way too seriously and it just ended up being cheesy. Shame.

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