Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This was going to be about my engagement story, until I realized that the pictures are still on my camera and my boyfriend fiance(!) has the cord to connect my computer. So that will have to wait until another day. Instead, here look at pretty pictures!

Please, where is this dress from? Where can I find it? The pin just took me to a Tumblr

California wedding inspiration. Although it's looking like the wedding will have to be in Wisconsin. 


  1. I like the color combo! The slate color is really pretty in the bouquet.

    Chiffon wedding dresses are gorgeous. My second choice dress was one! Didn't you say you wanted lace though? Or has that changed? Princess Catherine has brought it back ya know!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, lace is still my first choice but chiffon/tulle is my second. I'm sort of afraid to start looking because I'm worried I won't be able to find/afford exactly what I'm looking for.


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