Wedding Wednesday - An Engagement Story

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do they have that on TLC or Bravo yet? I mean there's a wedding story, a baby story, a house story, a second kid story, a second house because you had a second kid story.... and story doesn't look like a word anymore. But tv shows aside, here is my engagement story.

Kacey and I flew out to San Jose to visit his parents over Fourth of July weekend. Some of his relatives own land outside the city in the mountains and he had planned a whole day for us months in advance. While that may have sent alarm bells ringing in the beginning, Kace totally threw me off on the plane by asking if we wanted to keep shopping for engagement rings. So I completely thought he didn't have a ring yet!

Our day started by waking up at a ridiculous 4 am to drive into the mountains for a picnic breakfast to watch the sunrise. After leaving a bit late and getting stuck at a gate we made it up to the top and spread out our picnic. After watching the sunrise and taking some random photos (see above) Kacey told me to stand by a boulder and turn around so he could take some pictures. Well little did I know that he was only using the camera to make noise to make his story believable while he pulled out the ring and got down on one knee! He told me to turn around and when I did I think I exclaimed "oh my gosh!" because there he was on his knee with a little red jewelry box.

I don't remember what most of what he said, he started with saying how much he loved me and something about how he liked my hair bow, how he wanted to have adventures with me, and how he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me.  I was smiling like an idiot but I managed to say yes right away, and I also managed not to cry except for one little tear when he opened the box to show me the ring. It was beautiful and better than I ever could have thought! We started driving down the mountain and stopped briefly at the cabin to drop off some stuff for Kacey's cousin. So technically the first people we told were 3 strangers (to me), Kace's cousin and his 2 friends. It was random, but really kind of cool to have this little mini celebration with people who were removed from everything before we got back into cell phone range and the craziness began.  All the way down the mountain we passed bikers and hikers and I just wanted to shout out the car window "Hey guess what? I just got engaged!!"

Once we got back into the city and after calling my parents, his parents, and a bunch of our close friends we met his parents back at their place where we had mimosas to celebrate followed by lunch and a looong nap. But the day wasn't over yet. Kacey took me down to Carmel by the Sea, an adorable little beach town, for dinner. We wandered around a bit trying to find a place to eat that had what both of us wanted and ended up at a little Italian place where the waitress brought us a free glass of port at the end of the dinner to celebrate our engagement and gave us the champagne glasses for free! We're planning on using them to toast at our wedding. 

I still get giddy thinking back on that day and his perfect proposal. It was absolutely incredible and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life! 


  1. Hahahah, he liked your hair bow??!! LOL, that cracked me up. This is such a sweet, sincere proposal story. How romantic and perfect!

  2. Yay!!

    It is ALL about the hair ribbons. I love wearing them too! I like to think the inner cheerleader in me never died.

  3. Thank you so much!

    Yeah, I actually asked him about the hair bow comment later and he said that as he was speaking he realized that he just loved everything about me, even the super girlie stuff I do like my bow so he said so. How cute is that?!?! I think I've found a keeper.


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