Freedom Festival

Monday, April 11, 2011

I am absolutely in love with Free People's spring collection. Not only does it make me miss the west coast (and my long hair for that matter), the bohemian styling has me dreaming of hot summer nights and road trips to the beach. I have half a mind to buy a bunch of maxi dresses and skirts and live in them all summer long with layered tank tops and an armful of bracelets. And that fantastic belt in the 4th picture.


  1. Do it. I think those outfits will go over really well at your job.

    Why do I keep having this creeping feeling that as soon as I move back to WI, you're going to move away from it? Are we just destined never to be in the same state? Totally lames-ville. I'm blaming you.

  2. First of all, are you moving back soon?!

    Second, I'm not the one who moved to Iowa.

    Third, I'll be here for a little while longer. At least another few years

    Fourth, I will wear them to work. And I'll go talk to Jon.


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