The Good, The Bad, and The Interesting

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The good:

Shamrock Shakes! My boss bought us all shakes yesterday, which was especially nice because I had a super stressful day at work.

The bad:

I hit a deer on the way home from work. I'm fine, but my car is not so fine. I was on a back country road, it was already dark out and the thing just came out of nowhere. I didn't even see it until I hit it, and even then I must have just nicked the back of it because there was no impact, my air bags didn't deploy, and I actually drove a few yards before deciding to pull over and check to see if I had even made contact. Oh I had. I have no idea what happened to the deer. I think it must have continued on it's merry way because we couldn't find it on the side of the road. Welcome to Wisconsin, watch out for deer. So now my car is at the dealership and I'm waiting to find out how bad the damage is. It was making weird noises when I tried to drive it after so I have a feeling the damage is worse than it looks.

The interesting:

Pear, spinach, and kale smoothie. Um yeah. Various recipes have been floating around the blogosphere lately and I thought I'd try it out to be healthy. It's not so much the taste that gets me - you can't even taste the spinach or kale, it just tastes like bananas and pears- but it's the texture. It's...chewy? Sort of? With chunks of spinach and kale. It's, well, interesting. Not bad necessarily, but I don't think I'll be making it again. Shame really since it's so good for you. Ah well, on to the next smoothie recipe!


  1. Holy crap, I'm glad you're alright! That sucks about your car. If it makes you feel any better, my car stalled on the way to work this morning and now it's at the dealership awaiting a diagnosis. Yay for auto repairs bills!


    That picture of the Shamrock Shake is making me drool. WANT.

  2. I'd like to be all "holy crap it was so scary and intense!" but honestly, I didn't even realize what was going on. I'll tell you lots more about it once I email you back, but life's been pretty hectic since then, so you may have to wait a bit. Deal.

    Also, that sucks about your car too. Yay bills. Blah.


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