Advent Means Coming

Monday, November 29, 2010

When I was younger, it was a family tradition every Sunday in Advent to sit down as a family at the dinner table and read a devotion. My brothers and I hated it. Not so much the concept of having to do a devotion, but the devotion itself. We had the same book every single year and my mom refused to buy a new one. In our opinions, the book was boring and dumb, and we weren't allowed to eat until we had read through it. Aloud. It was absolute torture having to listen to your 9 year old brother struggle through 4 pages of words that were too advanced for his age while your dinner was staring at you from your plate. "Advent means coming" was the opening line of the first devotion. I have no idea what was in the rest of the book, but I'm pretty sure I'll remember that one line forever.

Of course now that I'm older, I actually grasp the meaning and appreciate Advent and the wait until Christmas. In that spirit, I've been working on a little project set to launch December 1st. It's a pseudo Advent calendar - a picture a day of something Christmas/winter related. It' mostly to help get into the holiday spirit because now that Thanksgiving is over it's CHIRSTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS!!!!!1! And my birthday! Which is also important.

Also, I'm debating whether or not to whip up an Advent calendar like the one pictured above. Clicking on the link will take you to a how-to blog post, and it's really tempting even though I'd only have 2 days! But it's so pretty!

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