It's finally here!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After months of planning and prepping, I am so excited to introduce the grand opening of

I hope to see you there!


  1. hi! Kacey told me about your store and it's rad! p.s. I LOVE your literary inspiration collections and prrrrobbably gonna repost some of them soon.

  2. Thanks so much Sarah! And thank you for writing a post about it too! Please feel free to repost any of the literary inspirations - I'm pretty overdue for another one but I've been so busy lately so I haven't had a change to make any more. I will soon though because they are super fun to make.

    Also, it was really funny because I went to your blog and saw a picture of you and was like 'Oh I know her!" and then I had to stop and think because I don't actually know you, I just recognize you from Kacey's pictures. But anyway, I love your blog and it makes me sad that I don't live in the bay area because Kacey has awesome friends and I totally want to hang out with you guys.

  3. Congrats Sarah! It looks great! :o) I wish you oodles of success!


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