The Great Bed Linen Debate

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm usually pretty good about living within my means. I'm not a designer purse person, and although I love shoes I tend to look at it more "I could have 1 pair of designer shoes, or 7 pairs of cheaper shoes for the same price. Hmm, quantity it is!" So when I'm shopping and this purse tempts me:

because it's pink! And looks like cotton candy! And Easter eggs! And unicorns! I simply look down at the purse I'm currently carrying. The leather is water stained and spot marked from all the times I carried it out in the rain or snow. The bottom is scuffed from setting it on the floor. The hardware is chipped from hitting hard surfaces, and the handles are dingy from all the hands grabbing it. And that pretty much cures my urge to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of leather that will look like that after I'm done with it. Also, this is why we can't have nice things.

But this post isn't about purses. (Haha tricked you, didn't I?) It's about sheets.

Because while I hesitate to spend money on purses or shoes or things most people normally splurge on, I will search to the ends of the earth to find the perfect bed linens. I figure that if I'm going to be spending approximately 8 hours every day on something, it might as well be the most luxurious material I can afford. Now before you start thinking "Wow Sarah, this is a really random post" let me explain.

First of all, I'm moving into my new place in less than 2 weeks and I'm really excited to start decorating. It'll be more fun this time around, since the first time I moved into a solo apartment in California I spent about 80% of each paycheck on rent, and the rest went to necessary things like a couch, mattress, and table because I really didn't want to sit/sleep/eat on the floor. And since I was broke, my apartment was furnished almost 100% by Ikea, Target, a bit of Walmart, and flea market/garage sale finds. Needless to say, some of that stuff didn't survive the move to the Midwest, so now I get to replenish my apartment with fun stuff that I actually want and like."Well great Sarah, but what does this have to do with your apparent obsession with sheets?" (That is what the imaginary you in my head is saying) I'll tell you, but first, more backstory! "Oh joy" (The you in my head is also sarcastic.)

I once had the same sheets for about 10 years. They were given to me as a gift and they were the most amazing bed linens I'd ever slept on. They also lasted the entire time without getting any holes in them. Before I went to college I completely redecorated my room at my parents' house and bought new bedding to match. I wanted to keep my amazing sheets, but they didn't go at all, so I had to buy new linens. However, I did find a fabulous alternative and have been sleeping happily on them whenever I am at my parents house. When I moved into my apartment in California and needed sheets, instead of buying new ones I simply used my trusty old faded blue sheets of amazingness. But sadly, the material is finally showing wear. After many years of use it's starting to fray and that means holes are not far off. I must start my search once again for bedding that can meet my high standards. 

Secondly, and the reason I'm even writing about sheets, is because Joanna at A Cup of Jo posted about these adorable sheets from West Elm and that reminded me that I need to start looking for bedding.

I think those are fantastic but personally, the thread count isn't high enough, meaning I won't find them soft enough. The current sheets I have are from Lands' End bought back in the day when I used to work there. They don't have the exact ones anymore, but an equivalent would be the 400-Count No Iron Supima Sateen Bedding which I am in love with and may end up buying a set if I can't find anything else. Or, I may splurge and go for the 600-count Ultimate Bedding, just because they're "ultimate". But that one isn't sateen, and sateen adds a degree of softness. However, while those are nice, I kind of want fun patterned sheets, which apparently are more difficult to find in super high thread counts.

These striped sheets from Pottery Barn might do, and I also really  like these from Anthropologie, but again with the 300 count. I guess I must continue my search for the perfect bedding, although the lack of fun high thread count sheets is a dilemma. I would just get plain sheets and a fun duvet, but I just bought a new one last year and I really like it, so that's out. That's ok, I will not be discouraged in my search!


  1. Solution: get married.

    Seriously, go get engaged and then register for some ridiculously luxurious sheets. I mean, that's pretty much the whole reason I got engaged. I don't mean to rub it in (ok, well...I do), but I just got some from my FMIL this past weekend! Sateen and 600 thread count baby! Jealous? You should be. Because I have awesome sheets and you do not.

    P.S. The me in my head is also sarcastic.

    P.P.S. Did you mean to say "Ben Linens" in your title instead of "Bed Linens"? Either way, works for me.

  2. Haha good catch on the title. But we all know I have no sense of spelling or grammar. I mean what did you expect after we cheated all those years in grade school spelling class?

  3. And that's a brilliant idea about getting married to get free stuff. I'll bring that up with Kacey right away.


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